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Beijing Music Festival



Held every autumn since 1998, the Beijing Music Festival (BMF) has been a beacon of cultural excellence in China for over two decades, earning widespread international recognition. 

BMF attracts a dynamic mix of classical music aficionados, providing an unparalleled opportunity for brands to engage with an affluent and discerning audience. 


Each year, BMF hosts a prestigious lineup of acclaimed international artists and orchestras, presenting a diverse range of performances spanning classical symphonies, chamber music, jazz, and contemporary crossover.

A 2024 Grammy Award Winner, Laufey’s performance in BMF 2023 epitomizes the festival's commitment to nurturing young talent and pushing creative boundaries.

What sets BMF apart is its commitment to blending Western and Chinese contemporary music while promoting traditional Chinese culture., including symphonic renditions of Chinese operas.


BMF goes beyond performances to prioritize music education and community outreach. Through partnerships with leading institutions like the Central Conservatory of Music, BMF organizes youth concerts, master classes, and workshops, fostering a love for music among thousands of students and spectators.


BMF 2024 will be held in October, opening with Émigré – an oratorio commissioned by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic. During the 9-day festival, 13 events will be presented in five top venues around Beijing. Other planned highlights include Porgy & Bess (by Cape Town Opera), jazz giant Wynton Marsalis & Band, and Salzburg Chamber Orchestra. More updates to follow…



We provide tailored solutions for sponsorships, long-term partnerships and exclusive cooperation with China’s longest running and most influential music platform and event IP.


Partnering with BMF unlocks a myriad of possibilities for brand activation, including extensive media exposure, integrated promotional campaigns, tailored offline events, CSR initiatives, and exclusive experiential engagements. Leverage BMF's platform to enhance brand perception, foster meaningful connections, and demonstrate your commitment to cultural enrichment.

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